Peter Ludlow Professor

Peter Ludlow (PhD Columbia U, 1985) taught at the state University of New York at Stony Brook, the University of Michigan, and the University of Toronto before joining Northwestern University. Following is a list of some of his areas of research.

  • The Philosophy of Generative Linguistics
  • Language and Epistemology (contextualism, etc.)
  • Microlanguages and the Dynamic Lexicon
  • Natural Logic, Directional Entailingness, and the Logical Form of Determiners
  • Tensism and Presentism in the Philosophy of Time
  • The Syntax and Semantics of Intensional Environments
  • Expressivist Foundations for Natural Language Semantics
  • Conceptual Issues in Cyberspace

For more detailed information, please refer to his personal web page.

Books in Core Philosophy

Books on Conceptual Cyberspace

For list of recent papers, see Current CV.