Graduate Students


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Current Graduate Students

Contact Information Area(s) of Specialization Area(s) of Competence

Cristina Carrillo

Cañas Ethics, Ancient Philosophy Applied Ethics, History of Ethics, Philosophy of Mind

William Cochran Ancient Philosophy Neoplatonism and Medieval Philosophy

Ezra Cook

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Philosophy of Language,
Philosophical Logic
Formal Semantics,

Raff Donelson Ethics Philosophy of Action, Jurisprudence, 20th Century French philosophy

Evan Dutmer Ancient Philosophy Moral and Political Philosophy

Chelsea Egbert Socio-political, ethics, Marx Ethics and moral philosophy

Gretchen Ellefson Philosophy of Language

Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology

Amy Floweree Epistemology Normativity, Metaethics, History of Philosophy
Deborah Goldgaber Derrida, French Philosophy Phenomenology, Husserl, Structuralism, History of Philosophy
Lee Goldsmith
Lee Goldsmith

Curriculum Vitae
Heidegger, Philosophy of Language Kant, Habermas, and Ancient Philosophy

Derek Green Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language Metaphysics, Epistemology, Kant & German Idealism

David Johnson Aesthetics, Critical Theory 20th Century Continental Philosophy

Eric Jonas 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Animal Studies Political Philosophy, Critical Theory, Feminist Philosophy and Gender Theory

Morganna Lambeth

Curriculum Vitae

19th and 20th Century, Continental Philosophy

Kant, Ethics

Nicholas Leonard  Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind Metaphysics

Lauren Leydon-Hardy Epistemology, Philosophy of Language Philosophy of Logic, Metaethics

Rebecca Mason

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Philosophy of Language, Feminism Epistemology

Seth Mayer

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Political Philosophy, Ethics German Philosophy, Critical Theory (esp. Habermas, Feminist Philosophy), Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Metaethics
Kurt Mertel 20th Century Continental Philosophy,
Social and Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Art

Matthew Mullins

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Epistemology Philosophy of Language, Cognitive Science, and Early Modern
Hung Nguyen Ancient Philosophy (Plato & Socrates) Pre-Socratic Philosophy, Epistemology, and Ethics

Trevor Nyman

Epistemology, Philosophy of Language

Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind

Nicholas Parrott German Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind

Critical Theory,


Carlos Pereira Di Salvo

Personal Site

Social and Political Philosophy German Philosophy, Critical Theory, Philosophy of History, and Logic

Jared Peterson Epistemology Metaphysics, Ethics

Adam Ring Heidegger, German Philosophy History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Language

Daniel Skibra Epistemology, Philosophy of Language Metaphysics, Logic

Jessica Talamantez Ethics and Feminism Pragmatism, critical theory, and Aesthetics

Mark Thomson Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind Epistemology

Daniel Tovar

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Ancient Philosophy, esp. Aristotle’s ethics, moral psychology, and his account of sense-perception Contemporary Ethics, Aesthetics, Existentialism

Daniel Trujillo Critical Theory (esp. Habermas and Fraser), Normativity and Critique, and Foucault Pragmatism (esp. Dewey, James, and Rorty), Kant

Nathan Weston Epistemology, Philosophy of Language Metaphysics, Metaethics, Philosophy of Religion

Tyler Zimmer Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics Applied Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Critical Philosophy of Race

Affiliated Graduate Students

Contact Information Department Area(s) of Specialization Area(s) of Competence

Virgil Brower

Curriculum Vitae

Comparative Literary Studies Kierkegaard, Derrida, Phenomenology, Continental Philosophy, L'écriture féminine, Political Theology Logic, Bioethics, Comparative Religions, Psychoanalysis, Philosophy of Religion, Literary Theory & Criticism

Ozge Kocak Comparative Literary Studies German Idealism Phenomenology, Romanticism, Literary Theory, History of Philosophy

Visiting Pre-Doctoral Students

Name Contact Information Home Institution Area(s) of Specialization Area(s) of Competence
Mengxiao Huang Renmin University of China Ancient Philosophy (Aristotle)Moral and Political Philosophy
Karin Jonch-Clausen Copenhagen University Social and Political philosophy Public justification, the special role of science in liberal democracy, religion and politics
Rasmus Karschny Flensburg University, Germany Epistemology of Testimony Epistemology, Philosophy of Language
Jan Hauke Plassman Humboldt University, Berlin Political Theory, Democratic Theory byond the Nation-State, Social Theory Supranational Institutions (EU, UN, WTO), Democratic Reforms of these international Institutions, International Political Theory