Winter 2018

  • Professor Rachel Zuckert was elected the President of the North American Kant Society in July 2017, and will serve a three-year term.
  • Prof. José Medina was appointed as co-editor of Symposia on Gender, Race and Philosophy.
  • Congratulations to Professor José Medina for having been named to the Walter Dill Scott Chair.
  • Prof. Stephen White recently published a paper in Philosophy and Public Affairs titled "On the Moral Objection to Coercion."
  • Mark Sheldon is second author on “Pharmacological Cognitive Enhancement in Pediatrics,” a paper that reviews and evaluates recent ways in which pediatricians are under increasing pressure to prescribe cognitive enhancement drugs for children.  This paper will appear in the April issue of Current Opinion in Pediatrics.
  • Prof. Fabrizio Cariani was appointed as one of the editors of Philosopher's Imprint

Spring 2017

  • Congratulations to Professor Fabrizio Cariani, whose paper, “Deontic Modals and Probabilities: One Theory to Rule Them All?” (in Deontic Modality, N. Charlow and M. Chrisman (eds.), Oxford University Press) was just named one of the ten best papers of 2016 by the Philosophers Annual.
  • Congratulations to Professor Baron Reed, who has just been elected Vice President of the Northwestern Faculty Senate, starting AY 2017-18.
  • Congratulations to Professor Fabrizio Cariani, who was awarded a fellowship from the Mellon Foundation for his project entitled, "Understanding Predictive Thought."
  • Professor Jennifer Lackey's prison students featured on NPR program Written Inside
  • Professor Baron Reed interviewed on Philosophy Talk on Knowing What We Know

Winter 2017

Fall 2016

  • Congratulations to Professor Rachel Zuckert on being awarded an NEH Fellowship for 2017-18 for her project entitled “The Naturalist Aesthetics of German Philosopher J. G. Herder (1744-1803).”​
  • Congratulations to Charles Taylor, former Board of Trustees Professor of Law and Philosophy at Northwestern, who has been named the first winner of the Berggruen Prize!  

Spring 2016

  • Congratulations to Professor Penny Deutscher for having been awarded the Joan and Sarepta Harrison Professorship in Ethics and Justice.
  • This year, we had two winners and one honorable mention for the First-Year Seminar Writing Awards. 
    • Christina Liu, "Mary Astell and the Problem of Mind and Body” (Prof. Sean Ebels Duggan, "Mind and Morals: Excluded Voices)
    • Aidan Perreault, "Terrorism and the Infringement of Civil Liberty” (Prof. Axel Mueller, "What Is Democracy?")
    • Megan Pan, "The Capacity for Freedom" (Prof. Baron Reed, "Persons among Other Things")
  • Congratulations to Professor Richard Kraut on being awarded a Guggenheim for his project entitled "Oysters and Experience Machines".
  • NU Philosophy Professor Jennifer Lackey, on the irrationality of life sentences in the New York Times

Fall 2015

Summer 2015

Spring 2015

Winter 2015

  • Congratulations to NU Philosophy Postdoc Matthew Kopec, on accepting a position at the Center for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics in Canberra, Australia.
  • Professor Charles Mills is interviewed in "Lost in Rawlsland" in the NY Times' Stone column.

Winter 2014

Fall 2013