Northwestern Society for Ethical Theory and Political Philosophy


3 rd Annual Conference




The conference will take place in Norris University Center, Arch Room.


Thursday, April 23 rd


9:00 – 10:25

Scheffler’s Independence Thesis


Timothy Loughlin (University of Nebraska)


Commentary: Daniel Groll (University of Chicago)


10:35 – 12:00

What Lurks Beneath the Integrity Objection


Paul Hurley (Claremont McKenna College)


Commentary: Patricia Marino (University of Waterloo)




2:00 – 3:25

Practical Necessity and Agential Autonomy


Carla Bagnoli (University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee)


Commentary: Paul Bloomfield (University of Connecticut)


3:35 – 5:00

Skepticism About Desert


Steve Swartzer (University of Nebraska)


Commentary: Wolfhart Totschnig (Northwestern University)




Friday, April 24 th


9:00 – 10:25

Doing/Allowing and Seeing Oneself as an Agent


Fiona Woollard (University of Sheffield)


Commentary: Brad Cokelet (University of Miami)


10:35 – 12:00

Paternalism as Non-Domination


Dana Howard (Brown University)


Commentary: Max Cherem (Northwestern University)




2:00 – 3:25

Can Shared Activity Simply Be Willed?


Abe Roth (Ohio State University)


Commentary: Kyla Ebels Duggan (Northwestern University)


3:35 – 5:30

Keynote address: “ Inducing Deliberation


Seana Shiffrin (University of California at Los Angeles)


Commentary: Anthony Laden (University of Illinois at Chicago)




Saturday, April 25 th


9:00 – 10:25

Choice, Value, and the Perfection of Distributive Justice


John Oberdiek (Rutgers University)


Commentary: Andrew Koppelman (Northwestern University)


10:35 – 12:00

Is Liberal Legitimacy Utopian?


Christopher McCammon (University of Nebraska)


Commentary: Seth Mayer (Northwestern University)




2:00 – 3:25

Conventions and Moral Requirements


Erin Taylor (Cornell University)


Commentary: Jon Garthoff (Northwestern University)


3:35 – 5:30

Keynote address: “ The Normativity of Tradition


Samuel Scheffler (New York University)


Commentary: William FitzPatrick (Virginia Tech)