Northwestern Society for the Theory of Ethics and Politics


5th Annual Conference




The conference will take place at the John Evans Alumni Center (1800 Sheridan Road, Evanston).


Thursday, May 19


9:00 – 10:25

Is ‘Human Being’ a Moral Concept?


Douglas MacLean (University of North Carolina)


Commentator: Richard Kraut (Northwestern University)


10:35 – 12:00

Trust and Reasonable Partiality


Nolan Ritcey (Queen’s University)


Commentator: Eric Jonas (Northwestern University)




2:00 – 3:25

In Defense of Prima Facie Duties


Philipp Schwind (University of Miami)


Commentator: Lee Goldsmith (Northwestern University)


3:35 – 5:00

Moral Principles and Moral Judgment


Maike Albertzart (Cambridge University)


Commentator: Mary Coleman (Illinois Wesleyan University)




Friday, May 20


9:00 – 10:25

Constitutivism About Norms


Nate Sharadin (University of North Carolina)


Commentator: Seth Mayer (Northwestern University)


10:35 – 12:00

Republican Foundations for Liberal Restraint


Christopher McCammon (University of Nebraska)


Commentator: Carlos Pereira Di Salvo (Northwestern University)




2:00 – 3:25

Independence and Equal Freedom


Jonathan Peterson (University of Toronto)


Commentator: Japa Pallikkathayil (New York University)


3:35 – 5:30

Keynote address: “Modally Demanding Values”


Philip Pettit (Princeton University)


Commentator: Antti Kauppinen (University of Amsterdam and Trinity College Dublin)




Saturday, May 21


10:30 – 12:00

Moral Agency Sans Volitionism


Roman Altshuler (Stony Brook University)


Commentator: Brad Cokelet (University of Miami)




2:00 – 3:25

Deliberation and Acting for Reasons


Nomy Arpaly (Brown University) & Timothy Schroeder (Ohio State University)


Commentator: Reid Blackman (Colgate University)


3:35 – 5:30

Keynote address: “Internalism About Responsibility


R. Jay Wallace (University of California at Berkeley)


Commentator: Coleen Macnamara (University of California at Riverside)