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Spring 2020 Class Schedule

IMPORTANT NOTE: All 100-level and most 200-level courses are introductory, and are intended to be accessible to all students, including those with no previous exposure to philosophy.  For this reason there are no prerequisites, and freshman are free to enroll. Courses and times are subject to change

PHIL 109First-Year SeminarK. Ebels-Duggan 
PHIL 210-3History of Philosophy: Early ModernReed  Required
PHIL 221Gender, Politics & PhilosophyDeutscher  Required
PHIL 222Intro to Africana PhilosophyParis  Required
PHIL 259Introduction to MetaphysicsCariani  Required
PHIL 266The Philosophy of ReligionSeeskin  Required
PHIL 268Ethics and the EnvironmentHorne  Required
PHIL 269BioethicsHorne  Required
PHIL 273-3The Brady Scholars Program - "The Good Society"Eaton  Required - TH 3:30 - 4:30
PHIL 324Studies in African American Philosophy - Race, Rationality, RevolutionParis 
PHIL 325Philosophy of MindGoldberg 
PHIL 330Practical Reasoning and ChoiceCariani 
PHIL 350Advanced LogicS. Ebels-Duggan 
PHIL 353Philosophy of LanguageWard 
PHIL 360Topics in Moral PhilosophyWhite 
PHIL 410Seminar Special TopicsGoldberg 
PHIL 422Studies in Modern PhilosophyReed 
PHIL 460Seminar in Ethical TheoryWhite 
PHIL 488Professional SkillsK. Ebels-Duggan 
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