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Winter 2020 Class Schedule

IMPORTANT NOTE: All 100-level and most 200-level courses are introductory, and are intended to be accessible to all students, including those with no previous exposure to philosophy.  For this reason there are no prerequisites, and freshman are free to enroll. Courses and times are subject to change

PHIL 109First-Year Seminar - “Know Thyself”Goldberg 
PHIL 109First-Year Seminar - "The Self"Zuckert 
PHIL 219Introduction to ExistentialismAlznauer  Required
PHIL 220Introduction to Critical TheoryDeutscher  Required
PHIL 224Philosophy, Race & RacismMedina  Required
PHIL 250Elementary Logic IIGlanzberg  Required
PHIL 253Introduction to the Philosophy of LanguageHyska  Required
PHIL 254Introduction to the Philosophy of Natural ScienceMueller  Required
PHIL 262Ethical Problems/Public IssuesHorne  Required
PHIL 273-2The Brady Scholars Program - "The Moral Life"K. Ebels-Duggan 
PHIL 312Studies in Modern PhilosophyReed 
PHIL 313-1Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason": The AnalyticMueller  Required
PHIL 318Studies in Contemporary PhilosophyGoldberg 
PHIL 326Philosophy of MedicineHorne 
PHIL 359Studies in MetaphysicsGlanzberg 
PHIL 373-2The Brady Scholars Program - "The Civically Engaged Life"Kraut 
PHIL 380Topics in Philosophy of ArtAlznauer 
PHIL 401First-Year Proseminar – “Understanding and Reason in Kant's Theoretical Philosophy”Zuckert 
PHIL 402Second-Year Proseminar - “Plato's Republic”Kraut 
PHIL 410Seminar Special TopicsMedina 
PHIL 423Studies in Contemporary PhilosophyLafont 
PHIL 468Seminar in Epistemology – “Topics in Applied Epistemology”Lackey 
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