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Annual Reports: 3rd-Year Students & Above

Students beyond their second year are required to write a statement (250 words or more) about the progress they have made towards preparing and writing a dissertation, and outlining the work that remains. Faculty members who have served for one or more terms as dissertation advisors should write a statement (100 words or more) about the progress that has been made, and should indicate how often they have met with the student over the course of the academic year. These statements should be submitted by June 1st to the Director of Graduate Studies, who will appoint a small committee to monitor the progress of these students. Before the annual meeting, the committee will report to the Department any cases in which insufficient progress has been made. The Department will discuss these students at the end of the academic year, and propose remedies. In extreme cases, students may lose their funding if, after due warning, their progress does not improve.

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