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Logic and Other Requirements

Logic, Total Units, and Other Requirements

These are the same as those that apply to all Philosophy Ph. D. students.


The logic requirement for graduate students can be fulfilled in several ways.

  1. Standardly, students attend lectures for PHIL 250, and enroll with the instructor of the class in an independent study. Graduate students are expected to undertake additional work so that their coursework is at the 300- or 400- level.

The remaining means of fulfilling the logic requirement are listed below; however, these are to be understood as potential means of fulfilling the requirement. Whether or not coursework falling under the following rubrics does fulfill the requirement is at the discretion of the logic advisor.

  1. Coursework at another institution deemed equivalent to or exceeding that described in (1).
  2. Coursework at another institution deemed equivalent to part of that described in (1), plus completion of some portion of that described in (1). 
  3. A 300- or 400-level class in formal logic taught at Northwestern. However, no course used to fulfill the logic requirement may also be used to fulfill a part of the language requirement.

Total Required Units: 27 [This includes the nine pass/fail courses taken in the third year]

Other PhD Degree Requirements

Graduate Student Regulations

The regulations governing the Ancient Philosophy Ph.D. program are the same as those that apply to all students enrolled in Philosophy Ph.D. program, with the following exceptions:

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