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Fabrizio Cariani

Associate Professor

PhD, UC Berkeley, 2009
Curriculum Vitae

Fabrizio Cariani (PhD, UC Berkeley, Logic and the Methodology of Science, 2009) has primary interests in philosophy of language, philosophical logic and epistemology. Particular projects focus on modality (especially deontic modality), judgment aggregation and epistemic rationality. He also maintains strong research interests in philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of probability and decision theory.

Published Papers:

  • 'Will Done Better: Selection Semantics, Future Credence and Indeterminacy', with Paolo Santorio, forthcoming in Mind
  • 'Consequence and Contrast in Deontic Semantics', forthcoming in Journal of Philosophy
  • 'Choice Points for a Modal Theory of Disjunction', forthcoming in Topoi
  • 'Conditionals, Context and the Suppression Effect' with Lance Rips, forthcoming in Cognitive Science
  • "Local Supermajorities", Erkenntnis,  81(2), pp 391-406, 2016
  • ‘Deontic Modals and Probabilities: One Theory to Rule Them All?’, forthcoming in N.Charlow and M. Chrisman, Deontic Modality, Oxford University Press.
  • ‘Attitudes, Deontics and Semantic Neutrality’, in Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 95(4), pp.419-511, 2014.
  • ‘Individual Coherence and Group Coherence’, (with R. Briggs, K. Easwaran and B. Fitelson), in J. Lackey (ed.), Essays in Collective Epistemology, Oxford University Press, 215-239, 2014.
  • ‘Epistemic and Deontic Should’, in Thought, 2(1), pp. 73-84, 2013.
  • ‘Deliberative Modality under Epistemic Uncertainty’ (with M. Kaufmann and S. Kaufmann), in Linguistics and Philosophy, 36(3), pp. 225-259, 2013.
  • ‘Aggregating with Reason(s)’, in Synthese, 190(15), pp. 3123-3147, 2013.
  • ‘Ought and Resolution Semantics’, in Noûs, 47(3), pp. 534-558, 2013.
  • ‘Epistemology in Group Agency: 6 Objections in Search of the Truth”, Episteme, 9(3), pp. 255-269, 2012.
  • ‘Judgment Aggregation’, in Philosophy Compass, 6(1), pages 22-32, January 2011.
  • ‘Decision Framing in Judgment Aggregation’ (with M. Pauly and J. Snyder), in Synthese, 163, pp. 1-24, July 2008. Reprinted in The Philosopher’s Annual 28 (P. Grim, N. Charlow, I. C. Flora & L. Jansson, eds.).

Reviews and Commentaries:

  • Review of François Recanati’s Truth-Conditional Pragmatics, in Philosophical Quarterly, 62(247), pp. 415-418, 2012.
  • Comments on Roger White’s ‘The Problem of the Problem of Induction’, forthcoming in Episteme.

Papers in Italian:

  • ‘Modus Ponens’, in Aphex (blind refereed), 7, 2013.

Edited Proceedings:

  • Proceedings of DEON 2014, co-edited with Davide Grossi, Joke Meheus and Xavier Parent, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 8554, Springer.
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