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Why Study Philosophy?

Philosophy books scattered on a table

Philosophy develops critical reasoning skills, clarity in thought and language, and competence in synthesizing a good deal of information into a systematic, coherent picture.  These abilities form a core part of the skill set for anyone who hopes to flourish in a complex, diverse, multicultural world.

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Congratulations to Jose Medina, who has been awarded a Dorothy Ann and Clarence L. Ver Steeg Distinguished Research Fellowship Award by Northwestern University.
Congratulations to Mark Alznauer for receiving the WCAS Distinguished Teaching Award for the academic year 2018-2019.
Congratulations to Cristina Lafont, who has been invested with the endowed title of Harold H. and Virginia Anderson Professor of Philosophy and Chair.
Congratulations to Dr. Lauren Leydon-Hardy, who successfully defended her dissertation, "Epistemic Infringement"
Congratulations to Dr. Nicholas Leonard, who successfully defended his dissertation, "Testimony, Higher-Order Evidence, and Rational Indeterminacy"

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