Congratulations to recent Philosophy PhD Emilie Prattico on her new position at a research organization The Business for Social Responsibility.

We mourn the loss of Professor Jonathan Trejo-Mathys (NU Philosophy PhD, 2009), who was on faculty at Boston College​ (obituary here) ​

Professor Charles Mills is interviewed in "Lost in Rawlsland" in the NY Times' Stone column.

NU Philosophy graduate students recognized for initiating the Chicago-area Women in Philosophy workshop.

Congratulations to the WiPhi (Women in Philosophy) group at NU for starting WIPHICA (Women in Philosophy Workshop, Chicagoland)

Congratulations to NU Philosophy PhD Ryan Doran on accepting a tenure-track position in the Philosophy Department at the University of Regina!

The 2014 Department Newsletter is now available.

Entering Graduate Student, Kathryn Pogin article was published in the New York Times.


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Department Bulletin

The Department welcomes visiting pre-doctoral fellow, Breno Guimaraes Santos.


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