News & Events

The Department of Philosophy seeks a full-time 1-year Visiting Assistant Professor.

Congratulations to Philosophy PhD student Raff Donelson, who has just accepted a (tenure-track) position as Assistant Professor of Law and Philosophy at Louisiana State University!

Congratulations to Professor Penny Deutscher on being the Principle Investigator of a $1 million Mellon Grant to lead a curriculum initiative focusing on Critical Theory in the Global South!

Congratulations to philosophy graduate student Amy Floweree on accepting a 3-year postdoctoral position at the University of Cologne's Center for Epistemology and the Kantian Tradition!

Philosophy professor Jennifer Lackey holds ethics classes at maximum security prison

The Northwestern Society for the Theory of Ethics and Politics (NUSTEP) hosts an annual spring conference in moral and political philosophy. Marcia Baron (Indiana University - Bloomington) - “Objective and Subjective Standards of Reasonableness in the Law of Self-Defense” Kieran Setiya (MIT) - "Other People"
"Nietzsche on Communities and Selves"


Wednesday, April 19, 6:00 PM
Students, faculty and staff are welcome as we celebrate the achievements of our honors students. The students will present their research in 5-10 min., followed by a brief Q&A period.