News & Events

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Funds Joint Project Between UC Berkeley and Northwestern University to establish the International Consortium for Critical Theory Programs.

Congratulations to Professor Penny Deutscher who is the co-investigator on this joint project, initiated by Judith Butler (U.C. Berkeley).

Congratulations to Professor Kyla Ebels-Duggan on a (Templeton-sponsored) Philosophy of Transformative Experience Fellowship for AY 2015-16, to support work on a project entitled “Reasonable Commitments and Transformative Experiences of Value”.

Congratulations to NU Philosophy grad student Nick Leonard, on his forthcoming paper (with Lance Rips) "Identifying and Counting Objects: The Role of Sortal Concepts," to appear at Cognition.

Congratulations to NU philosophy graduate student Morganna Lambeth on her forthcoming paper "An Objection to Kant's Second Analogy," in Kant Yearbook 7.1 (August 2015).

Congratulations to Northwestern Philosophy faculty member Kyla Ebels Duggan for being selected as one of the standing Fellows at the Center for Ethics and Education at UW-Madison.

Fourth Installment of our Sawyer Seminar Conferences themed, "Expertise and Disagreement".

TGS Graduate Student Orientation

Friday, September 18, All Day
Orientation for incoming students.
The Climate Committee fulfills its purpose by performing the following tasks: (a) Annual Inclusiveness Lecture (EarlyFall). The Committee brings in a notable philosopher to talk about implicit bias and other issues affecting underrepresented and marginalized groups in the discipline.