Preparation of Teaching Assistants

  • Students are strongly advised to visit a TA session at some point before they begin teaching. Normally this will be during their first year in the program, when they are not yet TAs. Students are also advised to avail themselves of the guidance of the Searle Center staff.
  • The DGS should organize a training session for new TAs. It will meet very close to the beginning of the academic year. Those who lead it should include one faculty member (selected by the DGS) and at least one advanced graduate student who has considerable experience as a teacher. Among the topics that might be discussed are these: grading, plagiarism, techniques for stimulating discussion, the division of labor among faculty and TAs, and alternative models for how to lead a discussion.
  • During their first quarter of teaching, students may request that they be paired with a more experienced TA, who will help with any problems that arise in the course.