Baron Reed Associate Professor

Baron Reed specializes in epistemology and metaphysics and has research and teaching interests in both ancient and early modern philosophy as well. His recent research focuses on skepticism, the relevance of practical interests to knowledge, self-knowledge, and the value of knowledge. Some of his recent work can be found in The Journal of PhilosophyPhilosophy and Phenomenological ResearchSynthese, and Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy.

Selection of Recent Articles

  • “A Defense of Stable Invariantism,” Noûs (forthcoming).
  • "A New Argument for Skepticism,” Philosophical Studies (forthcoming).
  • "Self-Knowledge and Rationality," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research(forthcoming).
  • "The Long Road to Skepticism,"The Journal of Philosophy 104 (2007): 236-62.
  • "Epistemic Circularity Squared? Skepticism about Common Sense," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 73 (2006): 186-97.
  • "The Stoics' Account of the Cognitive Impression," Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy23 (2002): 147-80.
  • "How to Think about Fallibilism," Philosophical Studies 107 (2002): 143-57.